A Vintage Crate + drapery

Creating a Quiet Spot

I love this room. It is warm and colorful and the window treatment was created by a very good friend named Susan Schurz. This design along with many others can be found in the book Window Dressings by Brian Coleman.

I am a lover of books and enjoy curling up with one whenever I can find the time to do it. This photo just drew me right into the cozy window seat surrounded by the beautiful window treatment. If this was my home as a child, it would have been my secret spot.

The style of this treatment is called a box pleat. It has pleated cascades on the ends and a set in band of purchased trim. The bottom edge of the treatment has micro cording and the back side is contrast lined with a small check fabric. The placement of the fabric design on the top treatment is perfect. Under the top treatment are pleated drapery panels with tassel trim on the edges and micro cord down the leading edge of the panels as well. Everything is not only lined but appears to be interlined which is the secret to making fabrics appear much fuller. This is a classic example of a high end drapery treatment. Beautiful job Susan!

Box Pleat, and more:

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