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Draperies and other window coverings have many functions such as providing privacy and light control, insulation and last but not least decoration. The materials used in drapery making vary from light and sheer to heavy and textured but I have never seen chain link transformed into a beautiful drapery until I learned of Cascade Coil. The innovative use of chain link as drapery has an unexpected luxurious drape and appearance. This material is perfect in public spaces due to the fact that it does not collect dust, is flame retardant, will not stain and it is extremely durable. In the photo above you can see how beautiful Cascade Coil drapery looks with dramatic lighting in the Oasis Bar and Restaurant (photo from www.cascadecoil.com) To learn more and to see some other inspiring uses of Cascade Coil in commercial and residential environments visit their website at www.cascadecoil.com

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