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Sheer material is making a huge come back and is being used for everything from pillows, panels, valances and shades. Even outdoor sheers are possible with the beautiful acrylic sheer fabrics from Sunbrella.

A more natural style and appearance is often desired so linen, silk and cotton sheers are very popular as are the linen look polyester sheer which will be more stable and wrinkles less.

Sheers are available in many beautiful textures from voile to casements and can be found in a rainbow of colors although the neutral colors are still most commonly used. There are many embroidered sheers on the market as well as sheer woven with metallic threads for a more dramatic appearance.

Working with sheer fabric can be a challenge for the workroom and must be tested prior to ironing or steaming. Cutting sheer requires patience but many sheer fabrics are available in wide widths for railroading or running the fabric horizontally off the bolt so no seaming is needed.

I have included photos of a sheer arched tie top panels from Southern Living magazine and sheer outdoor panels using Sunbrella fabrics (www.sunbrella.com or www.glenraven.com).

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