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No Stone Left Unturned

Drapery design is not just for inside the home. Outdoor rooms, patios, lanai's, terraces, cabanas, screened porches.....the outdoors is IN and the choices in furniture, textiles and accessories is amazing! One small part of the outdoor design equation is the hardware used for drapery treatments that will be exposed to the elements. Many of the most common styles of window treatment hardware is not intended for outdoor use. But a beautiful and practical solution is available, stone rods from Stoneage Rods company. (www.stoneagerods.com)

One new company that specializes in outdoor textiles and furnishings is Jacqulene Inc., this is where I first heard about Stoneage Rods. Check out their website at www.jacqulene.com and be sure to look at the dog beds, the model is adorable.

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