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A Little After-Christmas Shopping

I wanted to pick up a few additional Christmas decorations for next year. I just love post-holiday sales. Signs proclaiming 60%, 75%, and even 90% off just lure me in. Unfortunately, I have been having more bad days than good this week (see My First Post if you don't know why.) So, I haven't been out hitting the sales as much as I'd like.

I did pop into JC Penney though, and purchased these ornaments for less than $5 combined...

I found this small, glittered 'Peace' sign just prior to Christmas at JoAnn's, since their decorations were already discounted 60%. This is something that I'll probably display year-round. I think I'm going to add a nicer ribbon first. It's super sparkly...which you know I just adore.

I also scored a 30-inch white, wire tree with flocking (also from JCP) for 75% off. The branches are similar to chenille and it has a cool wood base...

If I'm going to do any more After-Christmas shopping, I think I'll shop for more vintage decorations on eBay. I really like the look of old items, but also feel better about buying items already in existence. You know...Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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