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Best Christmas Gift Ever!

Although I'm not allowed to say exactly which member of my family received this (most thoughtful) gift, I can tell you that our entire family is lovin' it.

What was this fabulous gift, you ask?

What could make a whole family smile and sigh with relief?

Well, it's just a little toiletry item that no home should be without...

It's called Poo~Pourri, people. And. It's. Amazing. I mean, this stuff really works. How, you may ask? Well, according to their website Poopourri.net:

..."Our natural essential oils create a film on the surface of the water, trapping odor at it's source. A citrus fresh blend of Lemon-grass, Bergamot, Grapefruit and other natural essential oils that leave the bathroom smelling clean and fresh!"

You just spray a few squirts of this magic potion into the water prior to...well, you know...you GO.

It comes in 3 sizes (2, 4, and 8 oz). And the packaging is so cool! The addition of a 'P' charm to the bottle is just too much. There's even a sweet travel-sized atomizer, and a toilet paper gift set available.

Best of all: They offer a 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. But, you won't be needing that. Because Poo~Pourri actually does what it promises!

And who would expect less from a product with the tag line: "Forever changing the bathroom experience?"

To the creators of this fine product, you have my family's heartfelt gratitude.

Note: I have no financial interest in the company. However, if they'd like to send me some free products, I won't turn them away.

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