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Thankful Thursday

Okay, at the chance of coming across as shallow, I am not going to tell you about all the really important things that I am thankful for (such as my loving husband, wonderful children, comfortable home, etc.) No, I'm going to going to share with you the kitchen appliance in my life for which I am ever so grateful...

My hubby and I decided to take the plunge and purchase one of these Keurig single-cup coffee makers for Christmas last year. I was afraid that after a couple of months of using this new contraption, it would be relegated to one of those hard-to-reach cabinets. (You know, stuffed up there between the breadmaker and juicer.) However, not only is this still taking up prime counterspace in our kitchen, but it's probably the most used appliance we own. (Although the toaster-oven is definately a very close second.)

We usually have no less than 6 varieties of coffee, as well as several teas and hot chocolate. It's perfect for homes where a "flavored-coffee" drinker resides with someone who likes his coffee "just strong and black." Or where one family member likes his coffee in the morning, another prefers it in the afternoon, while still another only drinks hot chocolate.

The Keurig makes it easy to have a hot drink whenever you like. There's no concern about making a whole pot of coffee, when all that is needed is one quick cup. I think the fact that it's so quick and easy to prepare a variety of hot beverages, combined with the fact that there's no clean-up required makes this coffee maker a real winner in my book.

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