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Tie One On

Today, the 47th(!) edition of Fashion Friday at Big Mama's blog was all about the scarf. This piqued my interest because I have only recently become a member of the Secret Scarf Society.

Due to a recent surgery to remove herniated discs and fuse a portion of my cervical spine, I am now the lucky owner of a nasty little scar on the front of my neck. So, if there ever was a perfect opportunity to begin my scarf-wearing career, this is it.

I've always admired those women who could complete an ensemble with a fun little scarf. (Yes, Sue, you are one of them.) But, just as I've never been able to master eye shadow application, I found tying a scarf equally perplexing.

That is why Big Mama's post today is so fabulous (and timely.) At the request of the adorable Angie from Bring the Rain, Big Mama and a friend got together and made a quick video, demonstrating several ways to tie a scarf. If you are also scarf-anxious, or just want to listen to some delicious Texan accents, check out this post.

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, here are some pics of me taken this morning. As you can see, I even tried to step it up a notch by adding my favorite fairy pin... cause I'm crazy like that...
Well, ladies, how'd I do?

*Note: Before you start feeling sorry for me... My left arm has not been amputated at the shoulder, it is (oddly, I admit) hidden behind a pillow.

Although I now feel much more accomplished in my scarf-tying skills, I still apply eye makeup like your average 8 year-old. Anyone out there in blogland willing to do a similar tutorial on the art of eye shadow? Seriously.

**REMINDER: Later this evening, I'll be picking the winner for the Cath Kidston Dream Home Journal. If you haven't already entered , click on this post and leave me a comment.

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