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Faking the Anthropologie Look

I just LOVE the clothes sold at stores like Anthropologie. Unfortunately, as a SAHM of 3, I cannot afford to shop at these places. Being a somewhat creative person, I've been trying to figure out how I can have the look I want without the hefty prices.

Most of the pieces I covet are fairly simple designs with a slightly funky twist. So, I've been researching how I can alter cheaper clothes (or free pieces I already own) to achieve an Anthropologish look.

For example, I really like the flowers surrounding the neckline on the Starflower Cardigan.

Or the felted wool leaf design on the Raspberry Blossom Tea.

I adore the ruffled flowers on the Sweet William Blouse.

And the lace appliques across the middle of the Rastlina Blouse...so sweet.

For me, what really makes the Poppy's Majesty skirt so special is the addition of a black lace hem.

There are a number of wonderful books which have information on projects to perk up your wadrobe. I chose one from Amazon.com called Complete Embellishing Techniques by Kayte Terry. She provides step-by-step instruction on embellishing with lace, ribbons, and fabric appliques, as well as beading, felted wool, and ruffles.

I cannot wait to get started with a project or two. My clothing may not come out looking like they jumped right off the Anthropologie racks. They will, however, be one-of-a-kind designs that are way more frugal. And, hey, isn't that what we all really want?

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