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Let Me Anthropologize (First Attempt)

What am I anthropologizing for, you ask? Or better yet, what am I even talking about? Well, previously I wrote a post about how I just LOVE many of the adorable clothes that are sold at the fabulous Anthropologie store. Sadly, pretty much everything I fall in lust with is out of this SAHM's budget. When I explored what it is about their clothes that draws me to them, I discovered that most of their clothing features various forms of embellishment.

1. (noun) embellishment
a superfluous ornament

2. (noun) ornamentation, embellishment
the act of adding extraneous decorations to something

Thus, I set out to find a way that I could have the fancy style, without the fancy pricetag. Here, I will share with you my first attempt at what I have affectionately termed: Anthropologizing.

I recently purchased this long tunic from TJ Maxx for $7.00. (See pricetag below, if you don't believe me.)

I took this little number and embellished it a bit by adding some flowers made from felted wool. Apparently, felted wool can be purchased, but it's expensive. And, please, don't confuse felted wool with the felt sheets which can be bought at your local craft store for 50 cents.

No, you'll probably want to create your own felted wool. And it's quite simple actually. You take a 100% wool sweater (an old holey one, preferably) and machine-wash and dry it at the hottest settings. (C'mon, I'll bet you've already felted a sweater before, albeit accidentally.) Once wool has been felted, it cuts easily and will not unravel.

**I implore you to not try this in your own residential washing machine, or else it may just seize up from all the wool fibers that inevitably come free during the wash cycle. (Not that I would know anything about such a fiasco. Heh) I have heard of others who have done this with those larger commercial washers found at the laundromat without any problems.

I chose to cut out free-form flower shapes because I've seen lots of flowers on Anthropologie clothes, and also because they're easy.

Then, I chose large colorful buttons and complementary thread and went to work, sewing my little flower babies onto my cheapo top (er, I mean lovely tunic.)

I felt it needed something on the other side to balance out the 2 flowers, so I added a larger double-layered flower. (Now, really, who do I think I am getting all fancy like that?) And, basically that was that. Here I will repost the photo of me with the Nester, because A) She is awesome, and B) This is the only decent shot of all 3 flowers...

In case you've been wondering whether Anthropologie phoned me to ask where I have been hiding my talents, and that they need to have me consulting with their company, and yada, yada, yada...

Well, not exactly. I mean it came out cute, sure. But I don't think anyone thought I paid $178 for it or anything. Not to worry, though. This was only my first attempt. I plan to try, try again. And, you, my lucky readers, will be privy to my every endeavor.

Oh, and I though I'd add a pic of the shoes that I wore with the tunic (and dark brown leggings, for those who must know).
Just. because. they're. so. freakin'. cute.

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