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Ceiling to Floor

I thought it would be interesting to look for treatments that were ceiling mounted. Not just raised to the ceiling but mounted into the ceiling.
Raising window treatments above the window is well known as one of the unofficial "rules" of interior design but all the way to the ceiling and mounted into the ceiling takes confidence and the correct proportions to make it work (and lets not forget a good, experienced professional installer).

The bed in the picture above (www.dominomag.com) has sleek ceiling mounted hardware which is a perfect contrast to the patterned panels which are clean and elegant as they fall to the floor. The omission of a headboard and minimal furnishings makes the bed panels more dramatic.

Obviously panels are the most popular style of window treatment for a ceiling to floor application. In the photo below (www.southernaccents.com) designer Barry Dixon (www.barrydixon.com) has used pleated panels on a round iron rod which creates an intimate space. If the panels were drawn it would become a grown-up hideaway.

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