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Hang on, please…

Dear Readers,

I'm sorry that my posting has been sporadic lately. I've been incredibly tired since getting over the flu, and am mainly focusing on taking care of my family and home. Just keeping up with the laundry and dishes has been a physical drain. I mean, can I at least clean up the kitchen after a meal before my kids tell me they're hungry again? Really, is that too much to ask? And, honestly, do they need to eat dinner every night?

I am so very thankful for all of you who take time out of your busy lives to visit this blog. And, I especially enjoy reading your comments. (By the way, I'd love to hear from those of you who've never left a comment. Even just to say, Hello! I promise I don't bite.) So, please hang in there with me, while I try to get my mojo back. I promise it will be worth it.

Meanwhile, I read a thought-provoking post today that I believe many of you will also want to read. It is entitled "Christian" and can be found it at the blog, Suburban Turmoil. If you have the time, check out some of the comments, too.

xoxo -Michellle

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