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Ultimate Blog Party 2009

I am so happy to join in the Ultimate Blog Party 2009. Welcome to my blog, Seeking Glitter and Grace. My real name is Michelle, but I'm known as Vintagesquirrel in Blogland and on Twitter.

I am pretty new to blogging, as I started only 3 months ago. I suffer from chronic pain due to degenerative disc disease, and had surgery on my cervical spine(neck) in May, 2008. Around this time, I discovered blogs, and found that reading them and following the lives of others helped to distract me somewhat from my pain. In December 2008, I decided to jump in and start my own blog, Seeking Glitter and Grace. For more information about how I got into blogging, you can read My Very First Post.

This blog allows me to share my crafty side, like when I made a heart by tying pieces of ribbon and yarn to a heart-shaped form. Or when I attempted to "anthropologize" my wadrobe by adding felted flowers in this post.

I'm aso an avid thrift shopper, and love to share my wares here. Occasionally, I'll share a great recipe: like the post where I made these homemade marshmallows.

And there are some recipes, you'll be glad I didn't...

And, whatever else is going on in my crazy life, I'm bound to blog about it. Oh, and just to let you know, I've got my party shoes on...

Thank you for dropping by! If you'd like to leave a comment, I really enjoy hearing from you. To visit other blogs who are participating in this party, click on the button below.

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

My Top Blog Party Prize Choices are as follows:

US 89 $100 HomeGoods gift certificate donated by HG Openhouse
US 21 $50 Target gift certificate donated by Agoosa.com
US 22 $50 Target gift certificate donated by Beginner Baby Blog

If my top 3 choices are taken, then I'd love any of the following (in order of preference) US 19, USC 26, US 21, US 22, US 19, USC 40, USC 58, USC 36, USC 56, USC 47, INTL 64, INTL 41, USC 53.

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