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Welcome Spring

I was very excited to see the Cedar Waxwings arrive today for their annual berry feast with the Robins. That combined with the beautiful daffodils blooming in the flower beds and along the edge of the woods has made me feel very optimistic about the upcoming months.

The feeding frenzy of the Waxwings reminded me of trying to meet a deadline. They were working at eating berries like it was a job, a project that needed to be completed by days end. One interesting thing about Cedar Waxwings is that they are social birds, they will share berries and actually pass them along from beak to beak to their feathered friends. This networking is the key to success.

And the daffodil decorates the landscape. It is a beautiful embellishment against the leaves and branches. The daffodil reminds me of a tried and true window treatment design. A style that is welcoming, traditional but new all at the same time. This room with it's daffodil yellow accents reminds me of the promise of spring. We can always turn to nature for inspiration.


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