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April Fool's Dinner

This evening, I told my children that I was making them something special for dinner. As they waited (not so) patiently in the living room, I worked my devilish ways. When I finally let them into the kitchen, my kids feasted their eyes on this...

Yeah! Cake for dinner. Am I the coolest mom or what? Well, not exactly. You see, it's not really cake. It's actually...

Meatloaf 'Cake' with Mashed Potato 'Frosting'

I cooked a cake-sized meatloaf, and 'frosted' it with blue mashed potatoes. Then, using ketchup in a sandwich baggy, I squirted "Happy Spring." My kids (well, most of them) thought it was fantastic.

Anybody care to guess which one was less than thrilled with his dinner?

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