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My Teensy-Tiny Painting Project

My blogging friend, Edie (who I've also hung out with IRL) is having a Linky Party where bloggers can share their painted wood projects. Edie has just finished an amazing transformation of her kitchen, changing it from ordinary (although still lovely) to fantabulous. Here's a sneak peek...

You must check it out. Her blog is entitled Life In Grace, and it's always fun and often inspirational.

I so wanted to join in her Blog Party, that I swooped around my humble abode, trying to find something, anything to share. Although this project didn't require much skill in the painting department, I felt it was still a worthwhile project to share. You see, I've really never been one of those people who could look at something, and consider how it might look if it were painted. I would only see objects for what they were, not what they could become .

A couple of years ago, I was searching on eBay for some wall art to hang in my youngest son's room. The walls were painted grannysmith apple. The bedding has stripes on one side, and polka dots on the reverse... in the colors of barn red, light blue, green apple, orange, and brown. Nothing I found worked with these colors. I did find the sweetest set of 4 small square wooden frames with 3-dimensional animals: 2 having colors that matched, two that didn't. One of the frames was even pink...which certainly wasn't going to go over well with my son.

Thinking that I could use 2 of them, I bid on them and won ($5 for all!) When they arrived, I fell in love with them, and wished I could find a way to use all four, as they would look so sweet hung in a square. Why it didn't hit me before, I don't know. But, it finally occured to me (yes, I'm a little slow sometimes) to paint the frames the colors I wanted. And, so I used a couple of $1 craft paints to transform the frames. I'm sorry, I don't have any before photos, but you can see the previous colors on the inside of the frames in the close-up pic.

I realize that this has probably got to be the most primitive paint project in this Blog Party. But, hey, we all have to start somewhere. And I think a mini project, such as this one, is a great way to try out your wood painting skillz. I know there are probably others out there who look at other bloggers projects, and whisper to themselves, "I wish I had the _____ to do that!" Just about every time I see photos of someone's newly painted kitchen cabinets, I proclaim: "I'm going to do that to my kitchen. What am I waiting for?" Of course, I haven't done it yet ;) Though, now, that has more to do with my neck and arm pain, than an overriding fear of ruining my kitchen.

For more (challenging) projects, check out the other links in the "Painted Wood Is Pretty" Blog Party. Don't forget to take a look at Edie's gorgeous Retro Cottage Kitchen Makeover (and check out her sexy legs, too!)

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