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Tailored Panels

There are many styles of pleated headings for panels. A flat, tailored style of pleat is known as an inverted pleat or box pleat. It is made by stitching in pleats with the fullness to the reverse side of the heading instead of to the front like with a French or Goblet pleat. I have put together some of my favorite tailored panel styles which all have unique looks but the techniques are very similar. Enjoy!

Tailored panels with decorative hardware and button detail. www.bhg.com

Bamboo and linen blend material used for a tailored panel. www.greenyourdecor.com

Oragmi style tailored panel. The inverted pleats are hand stitched open making a diamond design. www.anthropologie.com

Inverted pleat with a "twist" by Susan W. Schurz

The creative tailored treatments below are from www.windows-and-more-by-chrystal.com

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