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The No-Good, Horrible Day

Today was one of those days. You know, when nothing seems to go right. Now, I am NOT talking about serious issues - like a car accident, loss of a job, or the death of a loved one. No, I'm just talking about the kind of day that starts bad, with one of life's small hiccups, and then continues to throw annoyances at you that make you wish you never even got out of bed.

My first source of aggravation came while plucking my eyebrows, when the tweezers flew out of my hand and (kerplunk!) into the toilet. Yes, I realize I should've put the toilet seat down (It's a little late for that advice, now... thanks!) You know what is my very favorite thing to do - stick my hand into the toilet to retrieve something. And, I have the tiniest tweezers which means I had to swish around and around in the bottom of the bowl before I could locate them. This brings me to one very important question: Why is toilet water so freakin' cold? Really, now shouldn't it be room temperature? Just askin'...

...Later, as I was trying to scrape the leftover wax from a votive candle holder, it slipped out of my hand, and shattered into a zillion pieces on the kitchen floor. Oh, What fun!!...

Then, I had to bring my pup to the groomers for his 'hair appointment.' He goes to the dogdressers more often than I do, and his cuts are also much more expensive. Well, it's true that he has more surface area covered with hair. (Yes, he has hair, not fur-he's one of those high-maintenance dogs.) But he doesn't have to get it colored, like I do, so really it should all even out, don't you think?

I took a few shots of Murphy prior to his hair-appointment, so I could note the difference.

Isn't he just adorable? We adopted him two years ago, when he was just a baby. And, he's become such an integral part of our family. Anyhow, he had his grooming appt, at which I was told, he had quite a bit of "matting." In order to spare him a lot of pain and suffering, they were going to give him 'a good cut.' Well, Here's what Murphy looked like when he arrived home...

Well, he certainly looked different. Even though we repeatedly told him how 'pretty' he is, I got the impression he was a tad embarrassed. The fact that he hid under the dining room table was a subtle tip-off.

Oh, and later, when I was in bed, I rubbed one foot against the other, and thought, "Gee, my heels are pretty darn rough!" In fact, it almost feels like a piece of sharp glass is sticking out of my heel. WAIT! That is glass!! Yup, a sliver of glass from my earlier candle-smashing incident embedded itself into my left heel.

Please...Bad Day...go away...come again no other day!

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