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Imagine That

As the end of the school year approaches (Eeek!), I am trying to compile a list of books, DVDs, and films that I'd like to obtain. And by obtain, I mean to borrow, hopefully, either from the library of from friends. However, going out to the cinema has always been a wonderful treat for our family.

And, if I plan well, a trip to the movies doesn't have to break the bank. We generally go during matinee times, when tickets are a few dollars less. (With a few children in tow, these dollars add up quickly.) Of course, we always visit the dollar store to stock up on boxes of Whoppers, Junior Mints, and Snow Caps, instead of paying the 300-400% markup at the concession stands. And, *magically*, there always seems to be bottled water in juice boxes in my oversized handbag.

For me, the biggest problem is choosing movies that will entertain not only my children, but also myself. You know, like Nemo, Shrek, and Willy Wonka. I enjoyed those movies as much as my children did, if not more. A couple of months ago, the hubby and I took our boys to see Coraline, which was a hit for both kids and adults alike.

What movies scheduled to come out this summer fit that bill? I am considering seeing Eddie Murphy's new film, Imagine That. The premise is sweet: Murphy's character is career-driven, seemingly having little time for his young daughter. That is until, her imagination leads her to provide Dad with advice that helps him advance at his job. Plus, Eddie Murphy easily makes me laugh.

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