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Let Me Anthropologize (#2)

To recap, Anthropologizing is a term that I made up to refer to the process by which I take inexpensive articles of clothing, add my own crafty touches, and end up with something that's hopefully a combination of cute and funky. (Not unlike the stuff sold at the amazing, but super-expensive Anthropologie stores.) If you'd like to see my first attempt at Anthropologizing, please view this previous post.

Above is a photo of Headless Mama & Youngest Boy, taken over Spring Break in Washington, D.C. I'm wearing a Gap skirt that I purchased at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for just $2!. I knew I wanted to embellish it with some colorful flowers. I chose a small (less than 1/2 yard) piece of floral cotton fabric from my local JoAnn's Fabric and Craft Store.

I selected this particular fabric for its cute modern flowers that include several of the colors I already have in my wardrobe. This way I'd be sure to have a few choices of tops to wear with the skirt. Also, it was very important (to me!)
that the floral designs were super easy to cut around ;)

In order to adhere the flower cut-outs to the skirt, I used a fabulous product called Heat-n-Bond. This was also bought by the yard (or less)at JoAnn's just like fabric. I simply ironed it onto the back of the fabric prior to cutting out the flowers. (More specific instructions are included on the plastic backing of the fabric adhesive.)

Next, came the fun part: deciding on flower placement.

Once the design was mapped out, I just peeled the backing off each flower and ironed them on the skirt according to Heat-n-Bond instructions.

While in the process of ironing on my flowers, I took a moment to slip the skirt on, so I could double-check that I had arranged the embellishments to my liking.

And, Voila! I had made my own 'original' design. Now, even though the adhesive is made to be washable, I plan to sew a simple stitch around and across the flowers using a contrasting color, to add another decorative element, and to make it even more secure. (That is, when I go down the basement and dust off my sewing machine. Heh.)

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