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The Dog Days of Summer

When decorating a home where pets are part of the family it is important to remember the furry children when planning the design. By creating custom pet beds, crate covers and more you can include the family pets in way that is charming and attractive in the overall room design.

Dog beds range from a simple pillow to elaborate, finely crafted furniture. New materials allow for pet beds to be stylish and easy to clean. There is something for every taste from a Contemporary K-9 to a High-End Hound, a Retro Retriever or a Traditional Terrier.

Have fun with pet decor, it can add a bit of whimsy and become a conversation piece all while providing a nice, soft spot for the loved pet to rest and play.

Modern acrylic pet bed from www.thepetproject.com


Chinese inspired bed from www.mattresszine.com


Mongolian Pet Tent www.beyondthecrate.com

Layfayette Pet Furniture from www.beyondthecrate.com

Marie Antoinette style from www.beyondthecrate.com

Eco-Slumber from www.pawdigs.com


Canopy bed from www.gofetchpetbeds.com

Cabana from www.beyondthecrate.com

Upholstered bed from www.bigdogbeds.com

ZenHaus dog crate www.dogbedworks.com

Bamboo pet bed from www.gofetchpetbeds.com

Traditional sleigh bed from www.gofetchpetbeds.com

And if YOUR bed is your pet's favorite place to take a nap....


Colorful print collars keep the pampered pooch stylish outside of the home.


And for the Human who is paying for all this dog design a chair upholstered in
William Wegman fabric for Crypton Fabric.


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