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Upholstered Headboards

I remember the first upholstered headboards I made back when I was in college and working at a custom drapery workroom. They were a lot of work but I enjoyed having a project that I could work on all by myself and then at the end of the day I could stand back and say "Wow, I made that"!

The demand for upholstered headboards dropped in the late 1990's when bed styles became all about the wood, the frame and the presence in the room such as four poster beds with huge posts, sleigh beds and large, carved headboards.

But now upholstered headboard are back and more popular than ever. The styles range from funky to formal, contemporary to elegant. The shapes, fabric choices and upholstery methods are numerous and exciting to see. Upholstered headboards fit well into modern and uncluttered decor but are also right at home in a traditional room.

The beauty of upholstered headboards is obvious, it just feels good to sit against padded upholstery and fabric offers texture, pattern and color, all things that make a room inviting. An upholstered headboard also offers many more options; the fabric is chosen to fit the room decor and can be monogrammed, patch-worked, quilted, tufted, embellished or manipulated in any way imaginable. Another idea is to use a simple duck or canvas covered headboard and use slipcovers. This option allows for changing the slipcover just as you would the linens and the slipcover could be washable if the right fabrics are chosen.

I have put together a group of upholstered headboards that are inspiring and interesting. I hope you enjoy.

Soothing and peaceful bedroom with simple tufted headboard. www.veranda.com

This headboard has an elegant but rustic design. www.housebeautiful.com

Beautiful shape to this tailored headboard. www.bhg.com

A dramatic shape and plentiful tufting. www.homeportfolio.com

Headboard doubles as a room divider. www.bhg.com

Striking red velvet shaped headboard makes a bold yet comfortable statement. www.housebeautiful.com

Princess inspired tufted headboard and footboard. www.wellappointedhouse.com

Pink velvet tufted headboard with crisp black and white. www.americangypsyliving.com

Stripe tufted tall headboard reminds me of a mattress on the wall. Source: Domino Magazine

Kids twin pocket headboard. www.hsn.com

Pretty poster with tufted headboard. www.housebeautiful.com

Deep tufted headboards, footboards and side rails. House and Garden magazine, May 2006

Clean and simple headboard from www.headboardsandsinteriors.co.uk

Lovely floral headboard with shirred border edge. www.bhg.com

Pretty shaped headboard with contrast welt cord. www.calicocorners.com

Monogrammed headboard from the workroom of Elizabeth Gerdes www.stitchabovetherest.com

Damask shaped headboard with subtle tufting. www.decorpad.com

Clean and contemporary headboard. www.housebeautiful.com

Channel tufted headboard. www.housebeautiful.com

Cargo Pocket headboard. www.hsn.com

Black patent leather, tufted headboard. Photo by Paul Costello for InStyle magazine.

Wingback Headboard www.stylefeeder.com

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