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Italian Stringing

Italian Stringing allows a drapery panel to be pulled back without the use of tiebacks or holdbacks. It can be functional, opening and closing with the use of lift cords or tied off at an attractive level.

To create Italian Stringing a series of rings is hand sewn to a finished drapery panel in an arc from the leading edge to the top, back of the panel.

A cord is run through the rings and when pulled up the panel is pulled back. The cord can be secured to a cord cleat or a cord lock (such as you would use on a shade) can be used.

The location of the ring placement will determine the finished look as shown in the sample below. If the row of rings is up high more light will be allowed into the room and if set lower on the panel you will achieve a more dramatic, sweeping panel design.

Italian Stringing can be used for any size window but keep in mind that large windows will be difficult to operate and a fixed Italian Stringing would be a better option.

When pulling back a panel with Italian Stringing the fabric will bunch up tightly at the beginning of where the rings are sewn. If a more relaxed drapery panel is desired with softer and more controlled folds here is a clever idea. With the use of the Pleat Control System from Rowley Company you can plan the spacing of the folds. This system includes special rings and bead chain which allows for easy adjustment.

Sample with Pleat Control System used to control folds available from Rowley Company http://www.rowleycompany.com

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