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Mail's Here... Woot! Woot!

I love getting mail! Of course, I'm not talking about bills and junk mail... nobody likes those. I'm talking about the absolute best kind of mail there is: Packages!

First, I was the lucky winner of the sweetest giveaway from Elizabeth over at Creative Breathing. Elizabeth is amazingly talented and her blog is so fun and whimsical.

She had a Gnome Party and she very generously held a giveaway for this adorable gnome girl...

And, now she's all mine. Don't you just adore her tiny bunny friend?

Well, my pup, Murphy sure was interested...

Thanks again, Elizabeth. They are lovingly displayed atop my bookcase. (...and out of Murphy's reach)

Next, I received a much larger package that I'd been excitedly awaiting. I took a chance and purchased a lot of vintage shoes on eBay. They are all designer leather shoes with stacked heels.

To say that I'm thrilled with my purchase is not an exaggeration. These shoes rock!

I cannot decide which pair is my favorite...

There are two pair of white spectator shoes... one with black trim, the other with brown.

These cool shoes have a goldtone chain across the front and a matching one on the back of the heel.

With these new additions, it seems I've amassed quite the shoe collection...

**I realize that nobody needs that many pairs of shoes. Being such a bargain shopper, though, I have paid so little $$ for them. In fact, this shoe shopping excursion averages out to about $3 per pair. (Yeah, that's how I'm gonna justify my sickness.)

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