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My Two-in-One Valentine Wreath

Just before Christmas, I found several boxes of ornaments, in red and soft pink at the thrift store. I just knew they'd be perfect for creating a Valentine version of my Vintage Ornament Wreath.

While perusing blogs of other crafty ladies, I became enamored with several wreaths constructed with scrunched up cupcake liners. One of my favorite versions comes from the fabulous blog Tatertots and Jello...

In addition to making my heart-shaped ornament wreath, I decided that I had to make another one using Valentine-themed cupcake liners. Unfortunately, I discovered that locating those heart-shaped styrofoam wreaths in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day is like finding the love of your life at last call.

So, armed with my thrift-store ornies, cupcake liners, and a run-of-the-mill pre-decorated heart-shaped wreath, I decided to try something slightly different. I figured I'd combine the shiny aspect of the glass ornaments with the softer, ruffly edges of the paper cupcake liners. Thus, my Two-in-One Valentine Wreath was born. Following are some photos of the process...

Okay, so it didn't look like much at first... I was thinking... "not only have I wasted a bunch of sweet vintage ornaments, but I also managed to ruin my manicure as well." Luckily, I forged on, and the wreath began to look more and more presentable.

Once all the glass ornaments were evenly distributed and hot-glued onto the wreath, I began to add in the cupcake liners. First, I folded each liner in half, and scrunched it to a point. After adding a blob of glue to the pointed end, I smooshed it into the bare spaces between the glass ornies.

Continue scrunching and smooshing until all the bare spaces are filled. It should begin to look something akin to this...

A closer view:

These photos really don't do it justice. (I know everyone says this, but it's actually true in this case ;)

I hope I inspire you to attempt a little Valentine crafting. For lots more inspiration, click on the following buttons...

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