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i fell in love with a...hat!

So this is slightly off the track of 'vintage' but it definitely falls under 'vintage-inspired'. I was browsing (as I do from time to time...) in Urban Outfitters on Oxford Street during my lunch break and stumbled upon this beauty -

felt flower trim hat - £26

and now of course I am in love! It also comes in grey which is very beautiful. Only problem is payday is weeks away and my overdraft is very much pushed to the limit so hopefully it won't sell out before then. I think it will be perfect with my faux-fur trim pea coat for this nippy weather!

The 'Cloche' hat was very fashionable in the 1920's, it gets the name from the french word for 'Bell'. They were usually made of felt and worn low on the forehead often decorated with ribbon.


I first saw this distinctive style of hat watching Angelina Jolie in the the 2008 film 'The Changeling' set in the 1928 and while the film was incredibly haunting, I walked out wishing to copy-cat that look!

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