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I absolutely adore makeup - the process of creating a look and painting on a face is something I love taking my time with (when I have time) and I'm hoping to one day hone my skills. I'm not such a believer in the 'natural look' and wouldn't be seen out without plenty of blush... its my desert-island essential!

Make up from bygone eras used to be so beautifully kept and packaged which is really making a comeback (yey!). I especially love all the old compact cases. I've found a great site that sell all sorts of vintage goodies and their powder compacts are particularly lovely -


1970's Floral Powder Compact

I also love retro make-up brand 'Benefit', the packaging is innovative and fun (their unique selling point). I'll be treating myself to a few bits at the end of the month and post back with comments. Its not quite vintage, more 'vintage-inspired' - styled on vintage magazines, compacts, posters and mannequins, but the products are so lovely it needed blog space!

With a policy of no animal testing and make-up that has a reputation for durability and high pigmentation, 'Benefit' are one brand to try if you haven't already.


I couldn't pick my favourite product to post but this make-up bag is really rather adorable -

lana make-up bag

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