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As you know by now, I love finding new vintage sites and especially love anyone selling yummy vintage bags. So was very excited on my search for a 1940's clutch (for an upcoming wedding) to stumble upon from rags to bags. I can't word it better so this is the blurb.....

"Buying a From Rags To Bags product helps to recycle unwanted items, in turn, helping the environment. Charities also benefit, as much of the fabric is sourced direct from charity shops. Also in stock are some great vintage bags, ranging from the 1920's to1970's, which are all in good, useable condition."

I'm always on board to support a good cause!

I ended up finding my perfect bag on the ASOS marketplace it had an AMAZING selection of independent vintage sellers and the prices are very affordable. I purchased my 1940's cream leather clutch from Bohemianrose for a mere £14.

on its way....

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