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new years resolution

I decided to try and set a New Years resolution for 2012 as I don't usually attempt it, but felt I needed to challenge myself. As you may have guessed from my posts so far I really rather like shopping - I don't need a specific date or particular location - I can find time to shop anywhere and everywhere, and then....voila, it came to me... no more shopping!

Already this is a terrifying prospect for me, but on day 4 (I'm keeping January as my deadline) I'm still cold turkey and my bank balance is currently still positive. Truth be told, I absolutely do not need any more stuff and it's all quite crass over-indulging in the way that I have (for longer than I care to think of) so wish me luck!

I've already resisted this beauty from Topshop....

Pleat Midi Shirtdress £50

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