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Today I want to share a dear friend with you. She doesn't even know Im writing about her (well, she will when she reads this). Her blog is all about decorating-but not houses----COOKIES. She is Bridget at Bakeat350 . Seriously if you want some gorgeous cookie eye candy- visit her!! I have seen and tasted many cookies in my lifetime but NOTHING- and I mean this- NOTHING compares to hers. She was even invited to do a baking class at The Pioneer Woman's Ranch!! You can read all about it here .
Bridget is the most creative gal I know. She came over for tea the other day and I asked her if she ever runs out of cookie ideas. She said "no" because everything she looks at looks like a cookie to her! I had to laugh and I can totally relate because I do that with design. When I see a cute outfit on someone- I immediately see a designed room .
I mean look at how adorable these cookies are:

Ok- and these by far are my favorite and most creative: FRIED CHICKEN cookies! Im a vegetarian so this would be my kinda meat!

Recipe HERE
Not only does she bake beautiful cookies but she bakes other amazing goodies and shares the recipes! My favorite is her banana Cinnamon Chip muffins . OH My GOSH!! I think I made these everyday last fall!
So head over to Bakeat350 and say "Hi". I promise you'll be on her site for hours!!

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