A Vintage Crate + Rugs

Cha, cha, changes

For those of you who know me- I can not keep things the same for long. My latest victim... . my living room.
Here it is in its current state: (ok, honestly-its not THIS clean at the moment)

Im kinda over the rug- I know, I know- so sad. BUT it will get moved to another room. I ordered a light creamish/ gray cowhide rug today and now looking for a soft jute rug. For pillows I'm thinking of keeping the Imperial Trellis pillow and adding this Christopher Farr print. I ordered the sample today-so we'll see.

Im hoping it will tie in with my greek key trimmed drapes in the dining room.I have always had such a struggle marrying these two rooms together and I hope to achieve this with fabric. I can do this for clients- but why can't I do this for myself? I am my own worst client. I need Sherry-"the fabric whisperer" to come help create a fabric story for me.

Anyone else tire of keeping their rooms the same?- or as I like to say: "have decorating A.D.D?"

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