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Dining Room Changes

Because you all know I can't keep anything the same. My focus has now moved to my dining room. Since the dining and living room open up to one another I figured if Im going to make changes in one I need to do so in the other. Last week I shared with you the Christopher Farr fabric. Im still waiting on my sample to get here. But my thoughts are to reupholster my host chairs in this fabric.

But then this came in the mail on Friday- Robert Allen's new fabric Elizas Garden. And look how beautiful it is with Windsor Smith's Xu Garden and Schumacher's Betwixt

Decisions, decisions! I threw together a design board of the direction I think I want to go, but Im still tweaking it a bit.

Im thinking of removing the mirror and adding a piece of art work from Cozamia, and leaning two mirrors on either side of the buffet. I still want to keep my greek key trimmed drapes, but may need to change it out for a navy key instead of the light blue. Im wanting to score some Chinese Chippendale Bamboo chairs (good luck on that!!) from Craigslist and recover the seats in a coordinating fabric. Basically the only things that will be staying are the wall color (BM Wedgewood Gray) table, buffet and possibly the drapery- everything else if fair game! Wish me luck!!
Have a good day friends! OH and guess what? I got a little giveaway for you later this week! I bought one for me and couldn't pass up a chance to get one for you! Stay tuned!

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