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Eclipse: The Twilight Saga

Yes, I've seen all of these movies in the Twilight Saga thus far, and the most recent seemed to be NOTHING NEW! I don't think that these movies are very creative. This movie did not add any more to the overall plot or storyline. Bella is still as controlled by emotions and dramatic as ever. I think all three of these main characters have their own emotional drama going on and it spills out all over the screen. Perhaps, since the movie does seem to cater to teen audiences, this is the effect the movie makers were going for in Eclipse.

I think the theatrics are interesting and the battle scenes were cool. However, we've already seen the wolves in the last movie, so that was nothing new and spectacular. The battle vamps and Victoria have been around since the first film in the series. So what was creative and ingenious about this film... NOTHING. It was only entertaining. And for God's sake, Bella, make up your mind!!!



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