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girls bedroom makeover

After 3 days of painting and primping, the girls' room is done. I painted it a light gray called 'isle shetland gray' from Walmart and touched up the dingy white trim with 'swiss coffee.' I added this new headboard, purchased for $15 from the thrift store, and painted a light pink. After seeing this little end table outside a neighbor's house getting rained and snowed on, I called and asked if they were doing anything with it. They said they weren't and that I could have it. I painted it cream and added these lovely pink anthro knobs that were in the clearance bin. The gray walls really lighten the room up. Although it has a pretty window with window seat, this room does not get direct light and felt dark with the darker paint--now it's light and bright. Here's a sneak peak of their new dresser I recently finished. I will show the full dresser and details later. On the bed, I threw on a thrifted sheet with little pink flowers, a white sheet and pillow cases found in my linen closet, and the top cover is from Simply Shabby Chic. I also added the silhouette pillow (of my 2 girls)I made ages ago. A little paint and primping go a long way. What have you primped lately?

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