A Vintage Crate + room

If I had a Million Dollars... .

Ok now that I've got you singing BNL song. If you've never heard of them-you are missing out! Ok-back on point... . actually the title should read if I had 2 Million dollars and some change- because I would so buy this house. Its for sale in a neighborhood not to0 far from me.

What an entry! Double doors- need I say more.

Love the arched entry and transom windows.

I could totally see this as my office-of course I'd have to fight hubby for it.

Those beams!! *sigh* I just want to jump into this photo and start decorating!!

Ok now this is breathtaking *gasp*

Not sure how I feel about this brick ceiling- its truly an amazing piece of craftsmanship but makes the room feel small. And distracting- I dont know what do you think?

Two words: Butlers Pantry *sigh*

Master bath

Now thats a "come to momma"tub!

For all the details on this house you can go here
And if you decide to buy this house call me! I will gladly come help you decorate it.

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