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BRILLIANT! This movie is such a roller coaster! I found myself being provoked to think and having to keep focus... all in a good way! The movie pulls you in, not with special effects (which are fantastic), but rather with plot. You will find yourself relating in the sense that we all know time goes slower in our dreams. Who out there has not felt like they have dreamed an entire day during 1 dream? I think most of us have experienced a long dream.

Leonardo is believable, but he is only a portion of the great cast starring in this film. Christopher Nolan takes you on a journey deep inside the inner conscious and into a world of larger than life creativity. At some point during the film, the audience is left trying to determine whether the characters are in a dream or not in a dream. What is real and what is not? I was bothered by the idea that someone could be in a dream state for an indeterminate amount of time... ughh!

Don't take your kids to this or your grandparents... you'll get too many questions and everyone will be confused, thereby ruining your movie experience. Go by yourself or a friend who can actually think through things... and I guarantee, you'll love it!

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