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inspiration for a girl's room makeover

So I've been working on changing my daughters' room for a while now. I've rearranged furniture, sold and replaced their dresser, and have been through 3 headboards (which I also refinished, then sold) and it just wasn't turning out the way I wanted it too. So, I looked at my inspiration rooms again ... {source: Dreamy Whites} {source: French Larkspur} {source: Home & Harmony} {source: Simply Me} and realized they all have 3 common things: light gray walls, white bedding, and pink accents. I've been trying to get around painting my girls' room (although I love to paint furniture, I hate painting walls) but have come to realize that that is what I must do. Their room right now is a mossy green and so it doesn't matter what cute bed, dresser, etc. I put in there, it just will not look the way I want it to unless I paint. So I'm off to prime and paint, and hope to reveal their new room soon.

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