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My 5 min. of fame

I had mentioned to you last week that I had an announcement- the news is... ... . Im going to be on the news. Our local Fox26 news station contacted me about doing a segment or two on a few of my DIY projects. After my legs stopped shaking and my ears stopped ringing, I said "yes". If you must know I have a serious phobia of being recorded, photographed, taped, etc... I hate it! Seriously H-A-T-E it. If you've ever seen that episode of Friends where Chandler has to get his photo taken and every time the photographer says "smile" Chandlers face gets all contorted, well thats me. Ask my sisters, they are always trying to help me "pose" for photos, so the thought of being on TV-and having to talk AND look normal- well lets just say it makes me want to run and throw up. But Im happy to report I survived and didn't faint or throw up, but my hands were shaking the whole time and I said the word "absolutely" like 20 million times. It's suppose to air this Saturday morning on Fox26 at the 6am hour and 7am hour. I of course DO NOT get up that early so it will be DVR'd so I can view myself in all its awkwardness, with the fast forward button in hand.
Here's a photo of the news reporter Sally McDonald- who was amazing and totally helped me be at ease, it was like chatting with one of my girlfriends. And see... ..the dorky awkward face. ugh! And then Sally all cute and TV-like.

Here's a pic of Sally and the awesome camera guy Ray.

So after I watch the episode and make sure I don't look like a complete moron I'll post the link to the video sometime next week, or if your local and you happen to want to watch it, please go easy on me.
And in other news I surprised my hubby with tickets to a BNL concert! We're going tonight and Im so excited! I've never been to one of their concerts so it should be fun. "If I had a million dollars... ... ... ... ... " yea, now that song is gonna be stuck in your head.


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