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Predators (2010)

I honestly thought this was a good movie. I thought the plot was interesting, yet mysterious, unlike many of the other Predator plots. Adrien Brody is believable in his acting... and when did he get so buff!? There were scary parts and mostly action in an other world adventure setting. . I particularly liked the alien dogs sent by the predators to sniff of the humans... they looked like a more gruesome version of one of the "Fraggle Rock" characters. They were slightly creepy even if they looked too far fetched to be real. . There is a unique bonding that happens in the movie between one of the predators and a human... something we've not seen in these type of movies before. All in all it was an entertaining flick... still in the jungle... still being chased... the ending does not leave you with a good feeling about the fate of the surviving characters. . RATING: B+ . Official Movie Site and Trailer

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