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Shell World

So while on vacation we decided to do what all tourist do-find the closest tacky souvenir shop to buy the kids some gifts. Well were we in for a treat! This place is far from tacky and the prices were awesome!

Ok so maybe a little dingy filled with conch shells is a little "tacky"But look at all those shells!!

Glass floats for around $25

Look at this collection of shells!

Love the pearlized ones

This little guy came home with me. Love the turquoise

And this big fella is now happily sitting on top of a stack of books in my living room

Coral out the wa-zoo! and this is not the resin stuff-this is the real deal.

The Nautilus shell one of my faves. These babies were not cheap- $25 a shell- but they were just amazing in this apothecary jar.

Pearlized Nautilus

Sea fans galore. Ok I have to admit these things creep me out but I know they make beautiful backdrop displays and are used often. But still *shivers*

Beautiful display of shells under cloches. (side note: found some super cheap cloches HERE ok now I just told you about my secret go-to place for crafts- dont buy them all up m'kay?)

Ok so I had to toss in a little Pirate Rules:

More pearlized Nautilus

LOVED this seahorse print- how cute would this be in a childs room.

Look at those bright yellow shells

Sand Dollars- the large ones were only $2

Love this black & white coral print (bahahaha just noticed my bird legs in the refection)

Blue coral- I have never heard of it-I thought they dyed it-but my husband saw some when he was snorkeling- thats its natural color.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour. They do have a website and you can order some of their shells online: Shell World

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