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The Last Airbender

I was curious as to why prior to the movie the theatre was showing all animated and kid's movie previews. I did not realize until the movie started that this was a Nikalodeon movie... not what you usually would associate with a M. Night Shyamalan movie. Your kids will love the movie and all of its fantasy epic style kid heroes. There is some components that resemble the age old "Neverending Story," especially resembling the giant flying dog!

Be careful with your kids though... once sucked in, you'll be seeing a lot more of these films in the theatre, like Harry Potter franchise, this is only book one of the Airbender series. However, I think follow up movies will depend on the success of this first one. (There have been other series that stopped at movie 1: "Eragorn","The Golden Compass", "Spiderwick Chronicles"and "A Series of Unfortunate Events")

Airbender is action packed and entertaining to watch. It is another underdog story that will give hope to those who relate. It's uplifting and visually pleasing. I am someone, though not a child, who IS hoping for a follow up to this initial mystic tale set in another world of ying and yang!

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