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The Young Victoria

I love movies that play off of a historical figure. There was a lot I found out about Queen Victoria that I did not know prior to seeing the movie. Emily Blunt is amazing in this movie, displaying strong will and determination to become the leader she was destined to be as Queen Victoria. She is well deserving of all of her nominations she received this past awards season. . The movie itself and the storyline resemble slightly the Queen Elizabeth movie with Cate Blanchett. Young girl with royal heritage becomes ruler of a nation. Different subplots exist, but the resemblance is clear. . King William, played by the brilliant Jim Broadbent (of Harry Potter and Moulin Rouge) added a perfect amount of subtle humor to the plot, which is needed amongst all of the more darker drama in the movie. . Overall the story was very entertaining and visually stimulating. The art design and costuming was wonderful and made the movie all the more fun to watch. I particularly liked the courtyards and castles featured in the film... very historical English! This movie is out on DVD. Rent it when you are the mood to be entertained and learn a bit of history! . RATING: A . Official Movie Site/

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