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this is the post where I get to show off my union jack fever while at the same time being patriotic

I've had union jack fever for a while now, and have seen the design used in so many creative ways in home decor. With the London Olympics starting in just a few days I wanted to make a bunting that would feed my fever and also help us get into the Olympic spirit.

I couldn't find a pre-made bunting, so I grabbed a pack of small British flags and sewed one myself.

I've seen some really cool furniture painted in the union jack design. And while I could never justify painting a large piece of furniture, I have finished some smaller projects in the past, including this pillow,

{go here to see full post} and this stool,

{go here to see full post} Here are some other favorite union jack designs as found on Pinterest:

{Diary of a Quilter via Pinterest}

{Unknown via Pinterest}

{What would Martha Do via Pinterest}

{Bad Rabbit Vintage via Pinterest} And because my toes didn't want to be left out:

I'm looking forward to watching swimming and soccer. What will you watch? keep primping, and Go USA!