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Thrifting (or how I have decorating A.D.D.)

So last week I shared with you my inspiration board for my dining room. And then I went thrifting... . and found these... . Four dining chairs:

Two nice big mirrors:

And a pair of these lamps with nice gold bases.

And then I starting thinking and re-thinking, and pulling fabrics out and before you know it I was wanting to change plans- go in a different direction-in other words I can't make my mind up.
Really where it started was here in the living room. You see my living room and dining room open up to one another and I have felt they never fully meshed.

And I've come to the conclusion its because of the paint colors. As much as it pains me to say it, but the Wedegwood Gray has to go. Im going to keep it simple and paint the dining the same as the living (RH Stone). Simple, clean, and easy to make instant pops of color changes when needed (cuz you know I do that from time to time).
Ok- let me back up a bit- the living room sofa--- you see it has a slipcover and well, while it does keep the cheetos and yogurt stains off the sofa it just looks... frumpy. Underneath that slipcover is a velvet cobalt blue sofa! And I must admit I have hated that color for years, but now I see it everywhere and it got me to thinking... ..should I just let my slip go and show off my sofa??? Should I??? Dare I???? The sofa has great lines- its a camel back and it's very well made-- but cobalt blue?? Then I goggled some images and found some rooms that rocked the cobalt blue.All Images Via: DecorPad

So the cobalt blue sofa then put me into a corner with what to do with the dining, which then lead me to the conclusion to change out the paint in the dining and then I would be free to mix and match the spaces. You still with me? Have I bored you yet?
Anywho, stay tuned tomorrow to see the two inspiration boards I prepared for the rooms.
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Peace out friends!

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