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Time for a getaway

YES!!! Its that time of year. The ONLY time of year our family gets away. We will be heading to Southern California to visit family and take the kids to DisneyLand. My in-laws live 10 min. from Disney! So jealous!!

After a week there-we all head up to the Central Coast and stay at this amazing beach house. Its is a small town and no, there is not a Starbucks for miles-but I am willing to give that up for 7 days of beautiful scenery, cozy fires (it gets VERY chilly at night) and good wine & food. The picture on the header of my blog is our view from the deck-we wake up to Sea gulls, sea otters and occiasionally dolphins and whales. There is the PERFECT little garden shop I always visit in town. Its called the Garden Shed - if I could dig that place up and plunk it in my backyard I would! I grab a cup of tea from the coffee shop next door and wander through the mingling paths while listening to fountains bubble, smelling all the flowers and soaking up the soothing California sunshine. If you have been to Califonia you know what I mean about the sunshine. I swear their sun is "special"; something about it that makes your body sing! ahhh (can you tell I am so ready to vacay?) And of course there is the shopping! All the cute little shops- no Walmart or Target here!! Then there's tea and treats at The Tea Cozy- yum-o!!

Anyway thought I'd leave you with some fun pics of some of the things we see and do.

PhotoSource: Zimfamilycockers.com

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