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Vallarta Adventure

This day was seriously one of the best days ever! Last week, while we were in Mexico, we went on a zip lining tour where we went rappelling down waterfalls, riding mules, flying through the jungle, it was insane! It was especially fun because my whole family went, so we got to all do it together. I feel like this trip, and especially this day, was so memorable and we will all talk about it for years. We went with Vallarta Adventures and let me say, they were SO amazing! Our group of guides was so helpful and quick and confident, I think they were a huge reason we had so much fun. The tour we booked was the Outdoor Adventure and it was definitely an adventure. We started with a boat ride, where we saw wild Dolphins jumping in the ocean, they were breathtaking! From there we did a truck ride through a little town and up into the mountains where we stopped at the Vallarta Adventures "farm". At this point they put us on horseback and sent us riding up to the top of the mountain. I loved this part because I grew up on horses but rarely ride anymore so any time spent horseback is special for me. Plus my sister and I's horses were in a bit of a race to make it to the top and galloping through the Mexican jungle was a blast! Once we were up there and about to start the zip-lining/rappelling side of things I realized I hadn't thought about the reality of flying a hundred feet off the ground through at all and there was no turning back now. I used to be SO scared of this type of adventurousstuff that I would always just say "I'll pass, maybe next time". I am so glad that over the years I have gotten over that and learned to just be excited because I always end up LOVING these types of things. So we swung and jumped and splashed and slid through all types of obstacles to get to the final one, where that wave of fear and 'how do I get out of doing this' feeling came rushing back. Seriously, take a look at that last picture. I did not even think they were serious when they told me that I was about to stand on a little piece of plywood holding only two little ropes and get pushed across the trees a hundred feet above the ground with Blake on the same little board!!! It was so terrifying, that was my smile for the camera and try not to look scared face :) I think I did pretty well at it. This tour was quickly followed by about five tequila shots and delicious, fresh homemade tacos. We only had a chance to do this one tour but next time we go back I want to do the Las Marietas Islands Tour and the Rhythms of the Night Tour. They have such good reviews and look like such a blast! Hope your weekend is great! xo Angela

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