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Works in progress

Just a little sneak peak at some of my works in progress.
1st off- I found this glass top table at my local Salvation Army- I paid a little more than I liked ($60) but I've been on the hunt for one of these for some time. Its going to get a little gold gilding and possibly a mirrored top!!

As you can see in the picture above- I already got my gold-groove on- I had to make myself stop and take a picture.
Here is my inspiration picture:

AND now... ... ... a little sneak peek at some goodies I got for my new chic office .

Oh Also!!! look what I got in the mail today!! Fabric samples!!!!! woo-hoo!! Im building up my fabric sample collection for my clients. I love ordering fabric online because its so much cheaper-but I have to see it and feel it before I can recommend it.

I am crushing on this little trio of grays!

How cute for a little girls nursery with pops of pale pink or vibrant yellow.
AND then I got this little diddy- Its pages upon pages of yummy mirrored furniture!! They sell "to the trade" only so I get a little designers discount- yippie!!! Unfortunately because Im a new customer I have to place a big order to get established. So anyone want to order some mirrored furniture? LOL

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