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Zero 7 - RECORD: The Best of Zero 7

Zero 7 has released a greatest hits record this week! I have to say I have always loved their music; after all this was the group where Sia got her start. The electronic ambient sounds of the group are perfect for Sunday Afternoon music or a long drive when you want to lose yourself in the music.

I find this to be a good collection of their music, although there may be others that I would add that seem to be missing from the list. But for those of you who have never heard of Zero 7, this is an excellent introduction and an album well worth owning!

The deluxe version on iTunes overs a bigger bang for the buck! There are remixes and videos added into the package! Overall, I think the group is well deserving of the recognition, and although they may not have ever had any hits in the traditional sense, this collection is a nice blend for any music lover!



Zero 7 - Everything Up (Zizio Joker Ginz Remix)

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