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A HomeGoods find

I ran into HomeGoods on Saturday to just browse the store- I didnt even grab a basket and low and behold I scored two AWESOME finds. Does that happen to you? When you grab a basket-you find nothing- when you skip the basket you totally find the mother-load! No? ok maybe thats just me. Ok-back to my find.
Well first let me show you this- from Restoration Hardware:

The Mansard Mirror- priced from $295 to $395 then this: From HomeGoods $99

Even better- they had TWO of them. Perfect score for the double-sink bathroom in my clients home!

And while I was there this awesome gray & cream rug totally jumped into my basket- I was like "wha? you wanna come home with me?" I mean who can say no to a gorgeous thick-piled rug, right?

So my new motto from now on- is NEVER grab a basket 1st.

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