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a vintage grainsack and galvanized tin pedestal

Here are a couple of my latest favorite finds: a galvanized tin pedestal and an old grain sack, both of which I've been wanting for a while.

I've wanted the tin pedestal since I saw this post at the Lettered Cottage. Of course, mine doesn't hold anything quite as yummy, just apples for now. When I tried to buy the tin pedestal it was sold out, however, after some research I found it here Touch of Europe : Affordable Luxuryfor $29.

Then I found a really cool, old grainsack too.

If you sign up for their newsletter you get $20 off your purchase--which was how I justified buying the grainsack, normally around $50, but this way I got it for only $30. And, I got free shipping because my order was over $50.

Right now I'm using it for a runner on my table, but it will soon be used to upholster a chair that's been sitting in the garage for a couple of months.

Just a couple of new things to {primp} my dining area, and add some frenchy farmhouse feel. keep primping,

click here Touch of Europe : Affordable Luxury to check out their website

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